Our Community Participates in the Mobile Home Rental Assistance Program

Our Mobile Home Park is participating in a voluntary rental assistance program offered exclusively to qualified residents of this Park. This privately funded program was started by a group of mobile home Park Owners who wanted to provided temporary assistance to qualified low-income Park residents.

Who Qualifies For the Program?

The Eligibility Guidelines outline the specific income and other qualifications that need to be met. Please refer to the Eligibility Guidelines for your state and county. The guidelines may be obtained by contacting the Park office, emailing the address provided below, or clicking here.

Who Administers the Program?

An experience, objective, and independent consulting firm administers the program. Applications for assistance are kept confidential. Recommendations for subsidies are based on established criteria and reviewed and renewed annually to verify continued eligibility and need.

How Does the Program Work?

Once an applicant is approved, a “rent credit” in the amount of 10% of the monthly rent is given each month on the recipient’s rent statement.

How Long Does It Take to be Approved for the Program?

Applications are generally processed within one month with the subsidy beginning within one to two months after receipt of the application.

Why Pays the Monthly Rent Subsidy?

The owner(s) of this mobile home park pays for the subsidy. This is a completely privately funded program that is done on a voluntary basis.

Does the Rent Subsidy Have to be Refunded or Paid Back?

No. This subsidy is a gift that does not have to paid back.


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